charles_biopic1.01fCharles Best
Founder, Architect

Charles has worked in industry areas as far ranging as national defense, Hollywood and Silicon Valley as an analyst, software developer, software architect and technical manager.

After over a decade working with some of the most talented individuals and teams in the high tech industry, Charles founded see/change in 2011 with the idea of applying the motivation and expertise of the West Coast technical community to projects of high social impact. OurGov is the outcome of an initial attempt to address the lack of effective tools for grading and interacting with our legislative branch.

kent-biopic-A.01-loKent Oberheu
UI and Workflow Design

Kent’s roots are in fine-art and illustration. His career has woven a path through; design for advertising, marketing, 3D animation, motion-graphics, UI and application design, and teaching at the university level. He has developed and applied design in practice within the telecommunications, computing, software, and entertainment industries.

With a chance to make data accessible to the masses, and having worked closely with Charles on previous projects, Kent helped Charles refine OurGov to better serve it’s intended markets, to inform and engage the constituency.


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